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Messages Of Hope

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought fear and uncertainty to our world.  It's a scary time. Listen to messages of hope and assurance from some of your favorite pastors and speakers and be encouraged. Our God still sits on the throne. 

Focus on the Family

Better Than Before: Re-Prioritizing Your Post-Quarantine Life

We’ve all spent a lot more time at home lately—and as a result, you may be feeling stuck or discontent. Learn how one woman found contentment and joy in the ordinary simply by focusing on a few specific areas of life. 

David Barton - History of Pandemics

Dr. Jim Garlow joins America’s historian, David Barton, Founder of Wall Builders. David Barton talks about the history of pandemics, provides statistics, and the Founding Fathers’ experience with pandemics. The Constitution is relevant today, now more than ever. David Barton also discusses the legality of actions and outcomes of the different governors handling COVID-19, including lawsuits being won in favor of the Churches.

Dr Jim Garlow

Coronavirus, Cancer, and Christ, Day 1

When King David experienced the chaos of a flood, in Psalm 29, he reminded himself of an important truth: that the Lord sits enthroned over the flood. Find comfort in the sovereignty of God, on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

Revive Our Hearts

What God Is Saying During These Uncertain Times

Turning Point

In the midst of this unprecedented global crisis, what is God trying to say to His people? On this special Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Dobson and his wife Shirley provide timeless biblical wisdom as we endure this pandemic. They talk about God’s love and His great compassion for all humanity, while Dr. Dobson shares why he thinks this may be the beginning of the third Great Awakening.

Choosing Faith Over Fear: An Interview with Clay Jones

Pastor Nat Crawford interviews friend and former teacher Dr. Clay Jones, Professor of Apologetics from Biola University. They talk in depth about what it takes to choose faith over fear in today’s world.  

Back to the Bible

Life, Death and Hope Amidst a Pandemic

Georgene Rice and Josh McDowell talk about how Americans are struggling emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically in this extraordinary time.

Don Kroah talks with Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the tech firm VM Ware, about the challenges faced by leaders of businesses and churches as they emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Craig Roberts and Lanhee Chen, of the Hoover Institute, talk about states reopening as a sign of success.


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Dr. Dillon Burroughs 

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